Luis JD Castillo
Luis JD Castillo

How can we make it happen

Who am I?

Why me?


Since I was very young I have been receiving training in different leadership areas, which has given me the tools and the desire to pursue projects that have required the use, improvement and learning of many of these qualities. I continue to look for ways to grow everyday and learn something new.


It all began when I was 5 years old and started selling to my friends and their parents, drawings that I made. About 11 years later I started my first clothing business and projects have been developing since then. I live for the endless possibilities of creating something and see it evolve in time.


I have had the opportunity to be involved in eight different and exciting business projects throughout my life and, because of that, I have learned to learn through other people's experiences and my own. In addition, I have always been involved in permanent development through training and living experiences, that have shaped me as the person I am today.


Because of my background in business I'm used to making things happen. Every challenge I have faced in my life has teached me to be prepared and specially to think and act ahead of difficult situations.


Being an entrepreneur means that, at first, you have to know and do a little bit of everything, therefore I have developed a wide range of activities in different areas from business management, to marketing, audiovisual production and more. I have also successfully managed and worked with different teams with members completely different from one another.


Difficult situations are part of life and that has been specially true for me being involved from such a young age in business projects. I have always managed to maintain my positive attitude and to look for solutions. For me the question should always be: How can we make it happen?